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January 10, 2017

2016 confirms Lubiam's vocation for growth

Lubiam keeps the momentum and exceeds 50 Million Euros in 2016 (+5%): the positive trend that has characterized the Mantua based company in the past 6 years continues. These results give great satisfaction: «the most remarkable figure is given not only by the  turnover for the year 2016, but also by the steady success registered in the past 6 years – affirms Edgardo Bianchi, CEO and Director of Finance and Administration.

«Furthermore, we are very pleased with our Made to Measure Service, which keeps constantly and staggeringly expanding its reach season after season. The service’s good turnover makes us think about its development in the future: if the customers' demand will keep increasing at this speed, we will need to be ready to adapt our productive capacity to it.
Concerning last season’s results, the SS17 gained +3% compared to the previous year.».

Italy confirms itself as Lubiam's main market and represents 57% of the company’s turnover, while the export markets covers the remaining 43%. Regarding the company’s key markets, the United States corresponds to 23% of the export turnover thanks to the investments made in the last 12 months. Another meaningful figure is Canada’s astonishing performance (+52%), that has lead to the company’s decision to create a new dedicated logistic platform.
Sweden, Spain, Russia, Germany are not only strategic nations, but also markets that are steadily growing; France and Japan, as well as the Netherlands, maintain their positioning as essential markets.

In 2017 Lubiam is starting several strategic projects that include
- widening the partners network within the Made to Measure Service;
- looking for a new location for the New York showroom;
- significantly investing in a communications strategy in Japan, a market which has always been crucial for the Mantua based company;

Besides, a B2B e-commerce platform is being finalized and is aimed at improving and optimizing the services offered to Lubiam retailers.
This precious tool represents a significant progress especially for foreign countries in terms of Made to Measure Service (as the orders are registered in real time) as well as restock, which as always been a milestone of Lubiam’s customer service philosophy.

The Made to Measure Service keeps galloping relentlessly and reaches +41%. This is a stable development and the Lubiam forecasts are extremely positive as well as the feedbacks concerning appreciation and satisfaction received from the boutiques: each season the partnerships are renewed, increasing in number the opportunities to organize events and special projects. Similarly, the requests to join the training programme and activate new collaborations all over the world keeps coming and more and more trunk shows are organized, especially between March/April and September/October. Moreover, new options to customize our coats have been added, as the goal is to further enrich and complete the Made to Measure offer in the partner boutiques and strengthen their expertise as tailors. «Our clients are more and more interested in satisfying their final consumers’ specific needs and asked us to develop new customizing options, a request that we happily welcomed. In 2016 we started a project dedicated to made to measure coats and all their variations; as for our jackets and suits we focused on the lapel proportions developing new models. This field, where tradition and experience are fundamental to thrive, does not allow you to sit still and requires constant reinterpretation and innovation too. It is a never-ending challenge, but experimenting and daring are embedded in our DNA».

The Made to Measure Service has traditionally always been matched with the sartorial lines Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria, Luigi Bianchi Mantova Flirt and Lubiam 1911 Cerimonia; in the past year the company decided to bet on a new product, applying the service to the L.B.M. 1911 garment dyed line: in spite of the great complexity involved in managing dyeing and washing on finished garments, this service is now offered exclusively in our boutique in Via della Spiga 30, Milan.

Lubiam has always been distinguished by its ability to offer customers not only products but also top quality service. With regard to the Made to Measure service the company created a special division with resources dedicated to support customers at every stage. The company has become a retail consultant that provides the tools to produce the perfect garment in every detail, but it is also a partner in promoting such a service, through its travelling-tailors transmitting all over the world the culture of the made to measure. These targeted actions create added value that makes the difference when acquiring and winning customers' loyalty, especially in such a difficult time.