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May 30, 2016


Peter Assmann and Museum of Palazzo Ducale
in collaboration with Lubiam and Mantova Creativa


curated by Marco Tonelli

27th May 2016 - 1st May 2017

Lubiam renovates for the sixth year its collaboration with Mantova Creativa by supporting a big, unprecedented project of contemporary art at the Museum of Palazzo Ducale.

The company has provided the necessary resources and logistical support for the realisation of the sculpture "Vortici".
This work of art opens "Scultura in piazza", an event which will see the exhibition of works especially created for Piazza Castello square by some of the most important international artists.
Each sculpture will be exhibited for a year.

The first artist selected to open the display is Hidetoshi Nagasawa: the sculptor, who was born in Japan and has been living in Italy for many years, has always had a strong relationship with space and architecture.
The realised artwork begins a dialogue with the dimensions of Piazza Castello and the surrounding space. For Palazzo Ducale Nagasawa has created a big vortex composed by six curved panels made of an alloy of aluminium and titanium, each one six metres long, two metres high and thirty centimeters wide.

According to the artist's view, the vortex created by the disposition of the seven elements is a metaphor of the energy moving the world, from vegetation to cosmic forms - just think to black holes, in a concentric movement which invites the observers to enter and explore its inside.
Located in the hemicycle of the big exedra of Piazza Castello, Vortici sculpture by Nagasawa concentrates in itself all the energy of the square and of the surrounding architecture. Its suggestive and emblematic shape wraps itself around the history of symbols, forms and Gonzaga adventures constellating walls and ceilings in Palazzo Ducale, starting from the famous labyrinth of the saying "Forse che sì Forse che no".

"Vortici" is a new artwork for Nagasawa, but the theme of the spiral movement has already been experimented by the artist, even if on smaller scale.
In fact, in 1979 Nagasawa has realised the artwork "Galassia" by rotating his fingers on a 30 centimeter clay tile. Today Nagasawa conceived Vortici exactly in the same period science has discovered the presence of huge rotating black holes - this demonstrates how much Nagasawa's images are connected to energies, forces and tensions of nature and cosmos.
After all, the equation that balance is beauty is true to the artist, and the vortex of a galaxy represents physically and simbolically the highest and absolute form of dynamic balance of our universe.

The artwork has been officially opened to the public on the last 27th of May in Piazza Castello.

Thanks to Lubiam support and in the spirit of Mantova Creativa, Nagasawa's sculpture in 2017, at the end of the year of exhibition, will remain on the territory: it will be positioned on permanent loan at Lubiam headquarters in Mantua.

The project is curated by critic and art historian Marco Tonelli, who has already created a series of encounters between ancient and contemporary art in Mantua inviting to exhibit their work artists such as Fabrizio Plessi, Candida Höfer, Bill Viola, Mimmo Paladino, Bertozzi & Casoni, Alfredo Pirri, in an interesting dialogue with Gonzaga architecture.

**frames from the movie realised by Giorgio Oppici**

**photos by Paolo Pescasio**