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January 14, 2020

The chromatic explosion by L.B.M.1911 conquers Pitti

The Fall-Winter 20/21 collection by L.B.M.1911 colours the Florence menswear fair: the brand is launching many original colors on pieces in corduroy at 250 or 500 lines, on mouliné cotton garments or on rustic wool jackets.

Great success for the renewed booth, which enhances the British inspiration that gave life to the collection.

For the FW20-21 season L.B.M.1911 takes you on a fascinating journey to some unusual destinations in England.

The new collection designed by the Mantua brand explores the original, unexpected facets of two of Britain's iconic cities: London and Liverpool.

London becomes a source of inspiration with two totally different yet complementary neighbourhoods:

- South Kensington, which is increasingly becoming the place to be for young professionals, architects and designers; a cradle of innovation and experimentation, it embodies and reflects one
of the themes of the collection: LONDON ACTIVE. Creative smartness, intense innovation pursued with a rigorous approach, precision, dynamism and performance are the core values of this
theme. The garments - mostly technical and outerwear pieces, and much more – are presented in a basic yet forward-looking range of colours: blue, black, grey and sage green.

- The legendary Brick Lane, in a historic area that was abandoned and derelict for a long time before emerging as a thriving multicultural hub and art scene bustling with lively vintage
markets, with the energy of its beautiful graffitis and colourful neon lights, and the typical spicy atmosphere of the Indian community that has always lived here. The BRICK LANE theme is multifaceted
and follows two directions inspired by two separate groups of colours: warm nuances of red on the one hand, green on the other.

The city of Liverpool also evokes different feelings, which originate from the city and the port areas respectively.

- The LIVERPOOL CITY theme showcases the iconic influence of the city that started a music revolution with the Beatles and is home to one of the most successful football clubs (Liverpool FC).
The garments feature the neutral, modern colours of Liverpool's buildings and the neat, graphical details of its streets. Barely-there colours representative of this theme are grey and cold nuances of brown and black, which create timeless, sophisticated patterns in combination with white.

- The port of Liverpool is by definition a place for exchanges, trade and encounters. This area, which experienced periods of grandeur alternated with ones of decline in the past, is now a
thriving neighbourhood that has evolved over the years and has been cleverly renovated without forgetting the good and bad things of its past. This openness and ability to
enrich and be enriched distinguish an open mindset and cosmopolitan spirit, which translate into a multi-faceted, easily recognisable style enhanced by warm accents and industrial inspirations. Forest green, orange and blue are the iconic colours of this theme.