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L. B. M. 1911


L.B.M.1911のコレクションは自社が培ってきたテーラーリングの技術を“カジュアルエレガンス”というコンセプトに投影することで常に進化しています。ディテイルへのこだわりと革新技術を高い次元で融合することで個性的なコレクションになっています。 エクスクルーシブな染色技術と特別なウォッシュ加工によって最新のトレンドを反映させたウェアに仕上げられています。


S/S 2019

L.B.M. 1911 tells of a new Spring/Summer season, under the banner of Italian good taste and substance.


Faithful to its identity, the Mantua brand is presenting a summer collection featuring more gentle

treatments. Delicate and almost imperceptible, they play with the fabric’s fibres – specially created

exclusively for the brand, as usual – producing mélange effects and unusual shades.

Patterns and contrasts are barely visible, creating sophisticated allure.

Blue appears in its lighter, brighter nuances, either plain or combined with white or camel to form lively

contrasts that ooze energy and movement.

The palette is also enriched by the palest to the brightest tones of green: moss to forest green are

overlaid in well-balanced, elegant shades that look good everywhere.

Grey is also important, from graphite for an urban look to lighter shades, as well as contemporary,

intense, versatile steel. The collection also includes fresh, luminous garments in white, ivory or cream,

and rich, bold bright red, also in its brick variant, mixed with cream to bring a more delicate effect to a

look with a strong personality.


The yarns in this collection include outstanding blends of cotton, linen and wool with shot silk here and

there, specially studied to combine luxury and top performance in terms of comfort and fit for each

individual garment. There are a number of jersey jackets in pure cotton or blended cotton/linen. Jersey

jackets are popular with demanding customers who pay attention to details and are always on the lookout for something new.


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