04 5月 2020



Lubiam has decided to actively contribute to the fight against the health emergency with a

major investment. The Mantua-based company has bought the necessary machinery to start

the production of surgical face masks, nowadays an essential instrument of health protection.

In the last few weeks, the company, that holds strong ties with its hometown, supported the city of

Mantua by making a donation to the Carlo Poma hospital. Along with this, the Bianchi family

decided to do more to support its community in the fight against the current health crisis.

“We are not only a menswear company, we are a family- a whole body with a brain, a heart and

hands. With a little flexibility, we are now able to offer a new important service,” state Edgardo and

Giulia Bianchi, Lubiam Managing Director and Product Manager. “This is why we decided to step

up and assume an important role to support the system and prevent the virus from spreading, by

helping in making thousands of face masks available for our employees and our community.

During this emergency, we decided to use our knowledge, skills, and experience to offer practical

help. Our company has always cared about our social system and this project is rooted in our

philosophy and DNA.”

The new machinery will allow Lubiam to produce 50,000 face masks per day and part of the

production will be donated.

Recently the project was approved by Invitalia within the public grant “Cura Italia” and currently the

tools and production process are being tested. Edgardo Bianchi explains, “Although this is a

complex process from a bureaucratic point of view, it takes a lot of time and effort, but we believe it

is absolutely worth it. We cannot wait to officially launch the production.”

Style Director Giovanni Bianchi describes how the company is preparing for the new


“We will face SS21 with caution. Our collections will be presented and structured in the most

effective way, in order to be welcomed by our clients, who are facing very delicate, unprecedented

times. Our proposals will be concrete and concentrated, and we will make necessary selections in

order to meet the needs of the market.

We must be flexible as well as grounded without losing our specific vision and meaning. The

excellence of our sartorial craftsmanship and top-quality materials will not change in the process,

and we will do our best to reduce any kind of waste to zero, for the sake of the supply chain. We

will apply this logic to all our brands – Luigi Bianchi Mantova, L.B.M.1911, Lubiam Cerimonia and

Lubiam. We will officially launch the collections probably around June or July, as soon as it

becomes possible.

We have trust in ourselves and in the fashion system, we know we can count on the cooperation of

our partners, and we have built solid, lasting relationships with the trade industry and with our

suppliers. It is necessary to look at the future with caution but at the same time in a positive way.

We want to focus on what we can do, instead on what we cannot.

Our strength is our history. Next year will mark the 110th anniversary of our company. After

enduring major challenges including two world wars, we are confident that we can overcome this

pandemic too. Our Family, that includes all our employees and collaborators as well, will be the

protagonists of this new beginning.”


THE REOPENING - The Lubiam Headquarters in Mantova reopened its doors on May 4th, fully

respecting all security and social distancing guidelines both in the manufacturing facility and in the


A new awareness but the same passion and enthusiasm marked the first few days in Lubiam.

Around 70% of the employees are back to work, while protected categories and people more at

risk will be the last to come back. Including those who are currently smart-working, the company

has reached a 90% activity rate. The employees got a warm welcome back to work with a sign

placed on the company’s gates: this is not only work, it is a welcome back to a family.


SAFETY FIRST – Lubiam had already activated a whole range of measures at the end of

February, and since then the company has faced the health emergency with a flexible and

sustainable approach.

The company has acted proactively to safeguard the health and safety of its employees before the

regulations were mandatory and immediately created an internal task force to tackle the threat and

manage procedures.

At the beginning of March, the production process was already redistributed, activities were limited

to only strictly-necessary tasks and all employees were given protection tools.

Adopted health and safety practices include: improved hygiene, cancellation of work-trips, reduced

working hours and remote working.

Starting May 4th, the company has adopted the following initiatives:

- production shifts

- in-house cafeteria turns

- remote working when possible

- events, work trips and physical meetings are suspended

- complete reorganization of the work station layouts in order to respect the social distancing

guidelines and panel dividers installed where necessary

- a special signage dedicated to manage the movements within the headquarters, in order to

respect the safety distance

- daily cleaning and sanitizing of work stations, rooms, hallways and public areas

- a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning system

- a staggered schedule of work shifts to ensure dispersed entry and exit times

- daily distribution of face masks to all employees and people in the building

At the entrance in Lubiam, employees are submitted to temperature checks, as they already did in


Thanks to the protection instruments and guidelines, Lubiam is ensuring the maximum health and

safety standards for workers in every phase of the production process.

Furthermore, a few specific “Made in Lubiam” measures were taken: a broadcast messaging

service called “Lubiam informs”, which offers all employees real time information and updates on

the procedures and guidelines, in order to guarantee transparency and sharing.

In addition, four times a day a specific acoustic signal reminds employees to wash their hands with

a sanitizing gel supplied by the company, both available in the common areas and in a 50ml bottle

distributed to all employees.


WELFARE AND REMOTE WORKING – Lubiam has implemented all kinds of support for its

personnel, where possible. Remote working has been promoted for all office functions. Women

employees, who represent around 84% of the company population, see a high-rate of part-time

work, which is crucial nowadays. The company has always promoted work-life balance measures,

and also in this particular moment Lubiam has tried not to change the work shifts too much.

At the moment, it is not possible for the company to provide highly-appreciated services such as

BabyLubiam, the company child care facility, or the Company nursery, but as soon as it becomes

possible, Lubiam will start to support its employees on this matter.

The company is currently working on new projects to help with summer child care and improve a

benefit program to support elderly care programs.