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2413/6 02029/2

Prince of Wales jacket in virgin wool, silk and cashmere

2562 04300/1

Lightweight and versatile, it has all the advantages of a travel jacket (even if it doesn't look like one): this jacket has plenty of internal pockets and is made of a rain-resistant wool and silk fabric. Perfect for moving around in the city

2411/4 02015/1

Unlined blazer in virgin wool, cotton and linen, houndstooth tweed design

2401/7 02021/1

Check jacket in bouclé virgin wool, mottled effect. Three-roll-two unlined model

3305/3 03018/4

Striped suit in forest green pure wool stretch flannel

3301/2 03020/3

Checked suit on a micro-houndstooth mottled base in pure virgin wool

3414/2 03008/1 1444/2 03008/1

Three-piece suit with brown and blue micro-design, realized in stretch virgin wool

7383 00515/4

Unlined coat in extra-soft wool and cashmere blend

7385 07003/3

Double-breasted coat in pure virgin wool. Model with martingale and central vent

2440/4 02024/3

Checked jacket in virgin wool, silk and linen. Unlined model with natural, shirt-style shoulders

7381 07014/3

Herringbone suit in pure wool, unlined model with raglan sleeve. Belt available

2617/4 02028/1

Double-breasted unlined jacket in virgin wool, silk and cashmere with wide peaked lapels and Neapolitan-style shoulder

2403/5 02032/2

A sophisticated damier check jacket. Unlined, in a wool and silk blend. The silk component of the boucle yarns creates a beautiful trompe l'oeil textured effect.

2301/2 02016/1

Madras jacket in pure wool made of worsted, double-twisted yarns, a modern interpretation of military cloth and old-style boiled wool

3405/3 03013/3

The evolution of the business suit: double-breasted windowpane suit. Extra-fine pure wool with a textured base very pleasant to the touch. Unlined, with genuine horn buttons.

3630/2 03019/3

Herringbone suit in pure wool

3355/4 03024/1

Prince of Wales suit in virgin wool and silk, tweed effect

3353/3 03501/2 1445/3 03501/2

Melange three-piece suit in water-resistant stretch flannel with a diagonal pattern.

7382 07008/1

Pure wool and cashmere lined sports coat with a maxi houndstooth design in grey, dark brown and dove grey

7381/2 07009/1

Wool and cashmere madras raglan coat with genuine horn balloon buttons

2406/3 02014/2

Double-checked windowpane jacket in wool and cashmere. Characterized by a very soft hand and three-dimensionality obtained through the combination of carded and worsted yarns

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