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10 января 2017

L.B.M. 1911 presents at Pitti 91 the new collection AW 17/18

The new L.B.M. 1911 collection shows a touch of polished luxury and a new reinterpretation of the Seventies. Two new topics that are apparently very far one from the other, but they match and influence each other in a flexible and versatile offer, perfect for every occasion. The goal: daring and innovating, but at the same time respecting the signature style that makes the brand so unique.

Avant-guard and enhancement of the past, a mixture of different genres, but also and above all experimentation in combining fabrics and fibers: to amplify the material aspect/texture of the fabrics, the maison played with threads and natural fibers of different sizes to get mélange effects, buttoned, wavy fabrics and vibrant surfaces, experimental textures, with distinct or lighter contrasts.
Madras, Galles, overcheck, damier: these patterns cannot be left out from next season’s wardrobe.

A clear choice that makes this rich, precious and eclectic collection so iconic and unmistakable.
The focus is on contrasts of colours: the warmest nuances inspired from the Seventies – ochre, mustard, cherry, coffee, amber, gingery brown, scarlet red, red-purple – are alternated with colder nuances: the greens, from the brightest ones in wood nuances, to the several blues and greys with different intensities and some accents of light blue, creating a mix of natural shades that enhance the movement of the fabric’s fibers.

The AW17/18 collection by L.B.M. 1911 was born from a long development process that made the L.B.M. 1911 creative team work shoulder by shoulder with the most prestigious Italian fabric makers to create a completely exclusive collection.
Choosing excellence in selecting raw materials and innovating the treatments (like introducing new washing processes, that are more and more delicate and respectful of the fibers) has lead to the presentation of a unique collection.