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23 июня 2015

L.B.M.1911 forges ahead in the via Montenapoleone Fashion District

L.B.M.1911 has chosen the luxury and exclusive aura of Via della Spiga as its starting point for retail expansion.
The boutique, at number 30 in Via della Spiga, develops over approximately 150m2 on two floors, and unfolds a contemporary idea of Urban Jungle inspired by the atmospheres of New York, Sao Paulo and Berlin, where flora coexists in harmony with the concrete jungle of these metropolises.

Vintage furniture items (some of which belong to the Bianchi family, almost creating a continuum with the company’s hundred-year history and its new image) mix with items of contemporary design. The project by architect Paolo Giachi represents a harmonious merging of past and present, and is the ideal setting for presenting the L.B.M. 1911 collections, developed and thoroughly reviewed exclusively for the Milan store; L.B.M.1911 becomes a total look, with products that go from knitwear to shirts to accessories such as bags, shoes and scarves, some of which exclusive to the flagship store in Via della Spiga. Accessories and garments are exhibited among plants, French style, on a framework of black metal pipes and wooden boards.
Clever use of colours and materials leads guests through the store: bright green flows down the staircase to the basement, which hosts a second showroom designed as a separate entity: here the walls are peppered with luminous brass niches and attention is inevitably drawn to the majestic central glass and brass showcase that follows the lines of the walls and vaulted ceiling.
Our brand, renowned internationally as a leader in high-end tailored menswear, today writes a new chapter in its story, which is rooted in the centenarian tailored tradition of Lubiam, the Mantua enterprise that launched the brand over fifteen years ago, due to an intuition by Giovanni Bianchi, Managing Director and head of the Style Office, who tells us: “This boutique marks a fundamental time in our company’s history, and further reinforces the identity of L.B.M.1911, nowadays synonymous with internationally renowned excellence. We have decided to
take this step to give our existing customers a sign of our strength, but also to effectively approach certain markets with very high potential (such as, for example, India and South America) which require a real retail strategy. This Milan opening is the first step in a more complex plan to be developed over the next five years.”. “The choice of style regarding the architectural and showroom project perfectly reflects the brand’s values, especially a will to transmit the “strong” character of the collection. We want our customers to have a unique experience where while choosing their favourite garments and accessories they can relax and for a few moments enjoy the sensation of being transported to another city, to another age, or into a garden, according to the area they are exploring. We immediately thought of this boutique not as a simple showroom but as a spiritual dimension: we wanted it to feature the same authenticity that distinguishes our company, our family and our creations. We like to think of it as a “second home” for us and we hope it will arouse our partners’ enthusiasm and inspire them to reproduce customized corners or even open their own L.B.M.1911 store”.

The Boutique’s opening was celebrated with a successful cocktail party on June 22nd, during Milan Fashion Week.