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01 февраля 2017

L.B.M.1911 presents "The ISETAN Suit Project"

For Spring Summer 2017 the Italian brand L.B.M.1911 has launched a new capsule collection of suits, expressively and exclusively created for Isetan.

The prestigious Japanese Department Store saw in Lubiam its ideal partner: it is an internationally successful company, with strong principles and historical roots: fine craftsmanship combined with excellent design and the latest technologies, and meticulous attention to detail.

The essence of the best of Made in Italy is now available for the Japanese market, which is one of the most open, lively and interesting markets worldwide.
Isetan asked L.B.M.1911 to create an innovative capsule collection which could guarantee both a comfortable feel and an impeccable look.
To fulfil this need, research was crucial. The L.B.M.1911 creative team gave life to superlight suits, versatile and comfortable, ideal for the modern gentleman and businessman: the perfect balance between traditional quality tailoring and innovation. The Isetan man is a sophisticated man who likes to feel comfortable, yet look chic at the same time.

In this project L.B.M.1911 expresses its firm commitment to technical research, model development, and the choice of exclusive premium fabrics of the highest quality, selected from the collections of top Italian suppliers.
Daywear and business suits take on a whole new look: tailoring style is mixed with the performances of technical wear, in order to fulfil the needs of those who travel frequently for work or leisure: the pockets and the pleats are repositioned, new constructions and sizing were implemented, the lapel has a new innovative shape.
A new packaging has also been studied expressively for this project: a new label has been created and the iconic L.B.M.1911 lapel pin has been revisited for Isetan.

“We’re proud to work with Isetan, the leading department store in Japan. They are one of the most important fashion institutions in Japan, and most of all, they understand the soul  of  our L.B.M.1911 brand: they always select the most cutting-edge garments among our proposals.
Japan is a very open minded country and it appreciates novelties before any other market. Both Isetan and Lubiam are synonyms of excellence worldwide, and are founded on strong values and a long tradition. For these reasons, a fruitful cooperation was the only possible outcome from this partnership. We are excited (and honoured) by our relationship with Isetan, and this project reflects our will to share our long time experience and the excellent qualities of our team with the aim of creating excellence and beauty together with Isetan” (quote by Giovanni Bianchi, CEO and Style Director)

In the pictures, the L.B.M.1911 dedicated pop-up at Isetan and a selection of the suits.