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13 января 2020

Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria celebrates beauty and functionality at Pitti 97

Excellence, heritage and 100% Italian tailoring go hand in hand with luxury and also, above all, environmental sustainability, beauty, comfort and functionality: these are the pillars of the FW collection by the Mantua brand.

Luigi Bianchi Mantova’s creative team has chosen a selected range of top-quality fabrics by suppliers from the Biella region of Italy with which the maison works closely, totally embracing their philosophy and putting environmental sustainability - and quality of course - first. Environmental sustainability is a very topical subject, a requirement that must involve the entire supply chain and has led the maison to make a decision involving both aesthetics and ethics.
The new collection uses the best Italian fabrics and integrates all those actions that have become an essential prerequisite and a fundamental ingredient of yarn manufacturing: wool traceability, use of renewable resources, protection of biodiversity, minimised environmental impact. This is an investment in the present as well as our future.

Elegance, luxury, tradition, style. The FW 20-21 collection brings Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria's values to their highest expression by using top-quality raw materials, including cashmere, silk and alpaca wool blends, and sophisticated, glamorous yarns like boucle. Suits, jackets and coats become must-have pieces, a true investment for one's wardrobe and mood.

Men who choose Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria are free spirits who easily adapt to the unexpected, love challenges, and are good at balancing work, family and friends. The collection features a selection of elegant, stretch or natural stretch suits specially designed to meet the requirements of such demanding customers: super sophisticated but also highly comfortable, these suits adapt to every moment of the day and are perfect for daily wear, in the office and during leisure time.

A collection within the collection, revealing a new minimalist, urban style.
Suits and jackets with a significant technical component, made of extra-fine, eco-friendly wool, super stretch, adaptable and lightweight.
These are an actual resource at the service of those who wear them, also because they are stain, water and crease resistant.
Timeless elegance and sophisticated beauty are accompanied by an eco-friendly soul and a multitasking attitude.
Style is matched with functionality, making these garments suitable for any weather conditions.

The sartorial winter of Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria showcases the colours of nature but also sees a stylish return of grey and blue, alone or blended with other colours such as dark brown. These are the key nuances of a man's wardrobe.
Forest green is warmed by touches of rust red and warmer shades.
Brown, versatile and sophisticated, is presented in all of its nuances: camel, beige, marron glace, caramel and cocoa.
Blue is combined with natural nuances like brown, tobacco and dark brown.
Grey is a timeless, sophisticated colour that is making a comeback; the collection focuses on lighter and melange versions, also in combination with brown.