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16 июня 2019

Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria S/S2020: the brand presents in Florence a new concept of sartorial style

The new Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria S/S 2020 collection upholds and magnifies each fabric'sdistinguishing characteristics and qualities. Absolute protagonists of the Spring & Summer season are wool, silk andlinen. These typical summery fibres are used to make bright, fresh, lightweight garments that beautifullycombine sartorial style with exceptional versatility and comfort.

Elegance and performance - Breathable and resistant to the most variable weather conditions, the jackets and suits in the exclusive S/S collection are the ideal companions of urban gentlemen, both on business occasions and in their free time. Even if they are exposed to the fierce heat of the summer or a sudden torrential downpour just before an important business meeting, men wearing Luigi Bianchi Mantova know they can count on comfortable, versatile and always flawless garments.
The Maison has selected increasingly smarter and greener fibres, which translate into fabrics that are water and stain-resistant, naturally stretch, crease-resistant and low-maintenance, obtained from environmentally friendly processes.

A sophisticated palette – The colour palette is inspired by a desire to recreate a subtle, elegant, discreet mood, distinguished by a resolute return to natural nuances and their intrinsic richness.
One of the colour trends for the season is terracotta, a warm, rich shade in the orange and brown range that exudes positive energy and vitality. The spring & summer season embraces the colour of the earth, which beautifully complements other warm shades to create a discreet, light-filled visual effect, as well as colder ones like light and dark blue to create distinctive, graphical, modern and elegant contrasts.

A 1970's inspired style calls to mind journeys to discover nature, evoking far-away destinations: the desert, Africa, the Grand Canyon.
Other colours create sophisticated contrasts or tone-on-tone combinations:
- light, natural colours: very delicate nuances, from the palest to the warmest, are a must for summer
- brown shades: chocolate, chestnut, sand beige, coffee, dark brown and hazelnut are warm, deep nuances
that exude elegance and sophistication
- blue, a timeless colour, a staple of every man's wardrobe in all its shades
- light blue in the solid version, in tone-on-tone patterns or combined with white in the seersucker pattern

Pitti Immagine Uomo 96 - The summer edition of the Florence menswear fair confirms once again the success and the interest accorded to the historical brand of the Mantua company.

In the gallery, the photos at the sartorial lounge Luigi Bianchi Mantova at Pitti.